Art Gallery: Featured Artist Peter Nottrott

I was very happy to do the Interview with the curator Humph Hack, as I was selected by the British art marketplace Art Gallery to be placed on the homepage as a featured artist. I have been in contact with Humph Hack for several years.

June 2024



Artsper: " Congratulation, You are Top Seller!"

I was pleased to hear from Artsper that I would now also be listed as a bestseller on this international art marketplace, based in France.


March 24

Among the 50 most popular artists of 2023

The french art platform Artmajeur has a big community of 200000 artists. The french team of artmajeur has made a collection of the 50 most popular artists of the year 2023, including me. My big painting Perfect Summer Feelings XXXL 1 has been choosen to represent me - thank you very much. 


Jan 24

Bestseller at Artfinder

December is the right time to look back - Artfinder did that and selected even two  of my pictures for the artfinder collection of bestsellers "Best of 2023". So I'm a bestseller at artfinder for the fourth year in a row - and I was pleased to receive this email:


Hi Peter Nottrott, this message let you know that your artwork has been included in our editorial collections. Your artworks have been featured in these Staff Picks "Best of 2023": Seascape Sailing Impressions L 5  und Purple Pink Flowery XXL 2. Congratulations!

Dec 23

More than 1000 international sales

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Nottrott - paintings are spread worldwide: More than 1000 (!) painting sales! The US and England are the countries in which most flags have been placed. I have put a flag on the world map for every sold painting - for me the most fun has been placing flags in the exotic destinations like Abu Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Mexico, Lebanon, Estonia, Hong Kong, Columbia or Thailand. Together there are amazing 40 countrys with flags.

Sept 2023


Press voice: The german newspaper 'Die Welt' presents Peter

"Die Welt" from August 11th and 14th presents an advertisement by artsolitaire and they have chosen a studio photo of me as an eye-catcher. Well done :-)

Aug 2022


In the preview: Saatchis Best Of 2022

Saatchi Art is celebrating its 12th anniversary: "In the last 12 years, we have transformed the lives of over 100,000 artists in more than 140 countries by selling their works to art lovers around the world." - I can look back on a very good collaboration since 2015 - and I'm delighted with Saatchi's selection of "Nature Energy XXXL 1" for this occasion.

Aug 2022


Landed in the business magazine “Capital”

The renowned german magazine Capital, which combines issues of the society such as digitalization with classic economic topics, has published an interview with the founders of Singulart. As part of this, a list of the most successful artists was printed, so I found a surprising place in the press with my proud fourth place on the list.

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March 2022


The other art fair - Virtual Editions

From 8.-29. In November 2021 I took part in this virtual fair. It was an interesting experience; being one of 200 selected artists of the world.


The next Edition is May 23 – June 5 - and I'm happy about this Email: "Congratulations, Peter. Thank you for your application to The Other Art Fair Virtual Edition 2022. I'm delighted to inform you that your application was successful"

March 2022


3 pages in Artmajeur Magazine / Jan 2022

Thank you very much for this collaboration, team artmajeur! I'm happy you have asked my for a portrait.

It looks great, and there are more than 350000 reader of the paper and digital version in french.

It's already chic: first place

In the end of october 2021 I reaced the top of the bestseller list. Thank you very much, artfinder! There are ca. 7000 artfinder artists, I'm really happy beeing a part from.



Holla! At artmajeur, "Positive Energy XXXL 4" made it to first place on the homepage in September 2021 - among 180,000 artists with more than 1 million works of art for sale. Thanks very much!

Sept 2021

In good company at ars mundi

Another step into the world of art ..... - among big names like Marc Chagall, Paul Wunderlich, Joan Miro, Salvador Dali, Gerhard Richter, Bruno Bruni, Friedrich Hundertwasser and Vincent van Gogh, there are now five Nottrott-artworks at ars mundi.


Feb 2021

Bestseller by Singulart

I am doubly happy: I am even represented in the Singulart catalog with a beautiful double page, and fortunately I am one of the bestsellers


August 2020

Online Exhibition in Singapor

Peter was allowed to give an interview to a creative magazine in singapor, it introduced itself: JaamZIN Creative is an art magazine featuring contemporary visual artists... 

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Juni 2020


Matter Of View

On the art portal Singulart Peter Nottrott belongs to the 5% of the most seen artists.

aug 2019

International sales

Nottrott - paintings are spread worldwide! Among the last 800 (!) painting sales, the US and England are the countries in which most flags have been placed. Peter has put a flag on the world map for every painting - for him the most fun has been placing flags in the exotic destinations like Abu Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Mexico, Lebanon, Estonia, Hong Kong or Thailand. Together there are more than 30 countrys with flag.






December 2018

update Feb 2021

Featured Artist

Peter is excited to be featured with 3 of his paintings in SaatchiArt’s Fall 2018 Catalog! The #SaatchiArtCatalog includes 123 artworks hand-selected by Chief Curator Rebecca Wilson.





September 2018


Climbing: higher is not possible.

First place on artfinder


An occasion for the artist Peter Nottrott to thank all the people very much who support him to paint.




january 2019

December 2018:
among the monthly bestsellers at Artfinder

Only the best 40 out of a total of 10,000 artists are named - among them on an impressive place 2 again the North German painter Peter Nottrott with his abstract paintings.

december 2018


Best of artfinder: "Let us introduce our bestsellers of 2017. The artists, and the art, that you loved most this year".
- and the name Peter Nottrott is among the bestsellers, selected from more than 3000 artists. What a pleasure.                                                  
      january 2018

Solo exhibition: Color Symphonies in baroque castle

The “Colour Symphonies” exhibition is, so to speak, the latest piece of the mosaic in the castle’s history. With the exhibition of 40 abstract and modern acrylic paintings, Peter Nottrott has created a fascinating bridge between modernity and the castle's venerable cultural history.

       Oct 2015