L: to 1,5 sqm

Yellow Lavender Red L 1 / SOLD


Contemporary art . Acrylic painting on canvas


Size of this abstract painting:


61.0"w x 32.7"h x 1.5"d

155 x 83 x 4 cm

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  • Original with signed certification of authenticity.
  • Painted with professional grade acrylic paint on gallery back wrapped stretched canvas and ready to hang.
  • All my paintings are exclusive, original, handmade and signed and dated on the front by myself...Peter Nottrott


acrylic abstract painting. Original, signed and painted by Peter Nottrott, signed 2020


  • 2 kg
  • already sold


Yellow Lavender Red L 1

modern abstract painting

large abstract painting, original artwork

About this abstract painting:

Fascinating, expressive color composition in yellow, white, red, magenta, pink, orange, lavender and violet  colors in a dynamic manner. The loosened, detailed and high-contrast center unfolds against a flat, mostly very bright background.

The abstract painting in the finished clamped to the wall .
The abstract painting in the finished clamped to the wall .
ready to hang, blue abstract large painting
Side view: ready to hang

Detail views