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It was fun that interview with Mackenzie from Singulart! - published in the online magazine of Singulart.

How the object plan became a wall sculpture

awesome sculpture
Sculpture: Ensemble 1

It started with an idea in my head. At first I browsed extensively, sketched, teased and already shopped. In summer, the first wall objects will be created - the main elements will be wood and my abstract painting, so the plan.

The object became a sculpture ... with abstract painting, wood, accessories (real brush and realistic painted brush) and a certain spatial depth. 

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Selfmade VIDEO: a look behind the scenes in my studio, how an abstract painting was created ....

Composer, Producer and somehow the main actor ... I made a video of how the picture "Wonderful Dreamworld XXL 1" was made.

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may 2019         

Singulart: internationl, high-quality and diverse - and Nottrott-paintings in the middle

Fortunately, Singulart came to me. A fresh and still young art platform with an art philosophy that goes far with my own. From now on I am also represented there.                                    > to Singulart                                   octoberr 2018

New motifs and formats from my studio

Midsummer is already over - from the first half of 2018, two creative innovations are important to me:

Waterfall, Worldmap & Co:
In abstract landscape painting and maritim painting I have found great new motifs and thereby implemented a kind of abstraction, which go energetic with lots of motivation by the hand.









The slim, elegant new large format has an edge length of approx. 200 cm and the second side varies between approx. 65 and 85 cm. And they have such a pleasing expressiveness !!

july 2018

Advent: THANK YOU!!

I found these two in my advent calendar .......-

They are also a reason to say thank you for a great painting year. So many people have said yes to a painting from me -  a picture even went to Hong Kong. My joy is very great because it gives me the opportunity to create new paintings.
                                                                                                     December 2017

Come in and find creativity

2 interesting days full of creative art: 13 art studios of Holm 35  open their doors - of course my double door will be open, too.  A few paintings can be seen - it is a great opportunity to talk with people about art where art is born. Apart from painting, there are also studios where jewelery, textiles,mosaic and more can be discovered. Here you can find everything from big fine things to small colorful things, As a highlight the author Ulli Borchers reads some short storys  - written in Flensburg.

                                          November 2017

Variations in summer yellow

"Sunny Nature XXL 1" big-size: 78.7 " x 43.3"
"Sunny Nature XXL 1" big-size: 78.7 " x 43.3"

Warm and yellow: my small painting series "Sunny Nature". I like to work with this fascinating abstract motif  and am happy about ever new expressions. > More


 Juli 2017


Moving of more than 300 paintings

Happy Easter
Happy Easter

The selection is getting bigger and bigger ... I was delighted to be able to correct the number of paintings of more than 300  (good feeling ..!).


But:  my painting storage is full.

And now I have found the enlarged "nest" for the paintings, even de luxe: ground level.






April / Easter 2017

Gallery of 2017

Be Inspired XL 1, created in 2017
Be Inspired XL 1, created in 2017

I am going to be a chronicler: from now on, the gallery 2017 will be the place where all the works of this year will be collected. A variety of colors and sizes that will grow ... welcome to the current works.


Feb 2017

Post it to the USA,

..the UK, Dubai, Mexico, Australia or Estonia ... Today I have a mountain envelopes ready for the post office.

My English-speaking customers will receive mail in the next few days: a postcard depicting Nottrott paintings. It is a thank you - linked to the reference to my English website.



Nov 2016

Open doors at the studio

2 interesting days: My studio in the artists' community of Holm 35 also opens its doors during the studio days of Flensburg.  A few paintings can be seen - it is a great opportunity to talk with people about art where art is born. Apart from painting, there are also studios where jewelery, textiles,

mosaic and more can be discovered.

                                          November 2016

The new M-format

My new M-format is up to 1 square meter -
For example I might use a canvas of say 120 x 85 cm. The painting of these formats is quite exciting, as if the artwork paints itself ... this way of working makes painting fun.

This format flatters any empty wall … The photo shows Summerfeeling M 2 hanging above a sofa.
                                                    July 2016

New homepage twin in English: www.abstractpaintingsnottrott.com

Done! It’s online .... my own English website at www.abstractpaintingsnottrott.com


With 60% of my sales now going to international buyers, it makes perfect sense to offer English speaking art lovers a website of their own.




May 2016