L: to 1,5 sqm

Red Expansion L 3


Contemporary art . Acrylic painting on canvas


Original with certification of authenticity. Size of this abstract  painting:


61.0"w x 32.7"h x 1.5"d 

155 x 83 x 4 cm

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Painted with professional grade acrylic paint on gallery back wrapped stretched canvas and ready to hang. All my paintings are exclusive, original, handmade and signed and dated on the front by myself...Peter Nottrott


acrylic abstract painting. Original, signed and painted by Peter Nottrott, signed 2019


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Red Expansion L 3

modern abstract painting

red abstract

The intensity of the powerful painting is influenced by the reds of the background, giving it a strong, bold and intense atmosphere. This effect is supported by a clear image structure with a star-shaped center in the left half of the painting and the further coloring in the basic colors yellow and blue as well as skilfully set color accents in pink and white.


This artwork has been featured by Singulart for the Catalog 2020 - thank you! 

The abstract painting in the finished clamped to the wall .
The abstract painting in the finished clamped to the wall .
ready to hang, blue abstract large painting
Side view: ready to hang

Detail views