Semi abstract seascape

Seaside Rendezvous XL 17 / SOLD


Modern expressionist maritime art. Acrylic painting on canvas


Size of this vital sailing painting:

61.0" width x 41.3" height x 1.5" depth

155 x 105 x 4 cm


  • Painted with professional grade acrylic paint on gallery back wrapped stretched canvas and ready to hang.
  • All my paintings are exclusive, original, handmade and signed and dated on the front by myself...Peter Nottrott
  • For this modern artwork you get a signed certificate of authenticity.



No additional shipping costs. The painting is safely packed,  the shipping will usually be handled by DHL Express.

Please be aware, in case your country is not in the EU, you may be liable to pay any import taxes that are incurred ( e. g. United Kingdom: 5 %)



acrylic abstracted maritime painting. Original, signed and painted by Peter Nottrott


  • 3 kg
  • already sold


Seaside Rendezvous XL 17

 vibrant maritime  original

sailing painting

About this maritime painting

Semi abstract painting, the center of which seems to be a reflection of a seashore. The center is rich of contrasts and is created  in tinted shades of orange, red, pink, yellow, white, purple and sienna against a background of mainly blue and turquoise colors. A modern work that invites the inclined viewer to take a mental excursion to the sea beyond everyday life.
During some beautiful beach walks by the sea, I love collecting inspiration for pictures like this.


Double featured:

When I finished painting the picture in August 2023, I was happy to receive this email by Saatchi Art in the same month:

"Hello Peter, I’m very pleased to let you know that your work has been chosen to be featured in the upcoming New This Week Collection on Saatchi Art’s homepage!"

Later in June 2024 Singulart sent me a note, Saeside Rendezvous XL 17 was curated to a collection of a Nora Dumoulin,  an interior designer.

the artwork and the artist
sideview: ready to hang
just finished: Peter with Seaside Rendezvous XL 17
just finished: Peter with Seaside Rendezvous XL 17

Detail views

signature of the artist Peter Nottrott and year of creation: 2023
signature of the artist Peter Nottrott and year of creation: 2023

Further informations:

Views of

1. Example of the signed certificate of authenticity

2. Example of the back of a painting: The canvas has been securely tacked onto the frame

3. Example of a safely packaged painting