Abstract paintings for sale. Original, modern art.

Welcome to the online gallery of the artist Peter Nottrott

Over 1000 paintings to choose from, perfect for conference rooms, lobbies, offices, surgeries or beautiful homes.

large abstract painting gallery
large pabstract painting gallery
abstract painting, modern art

abstract original
abstract painting, high format
seascape maritim painting gallery
abstract painting, triptych

Offer: Exclusive painting

Slim: Soft Flow 1

* only here in the direct purchase of the artist Peter Nottrott
* acrylic on canvas, stretched on a stretcher frame, size 78.8 x 28.7 x 1.5"
* only 1990, - USD 

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    Artist Peter Nottrott


  • born 1962 in Nübelfeld / Northern Germany
  • has been working full-time as a freelance artist since 1987
  • pionieer: since 1998 own online gallery
  • more than 600 paintings sold worldwide
  • Bestselling artist on artfinder in the year 2017 and march 2020
  • Featured Artist by saatchi art in 2018
  • Bestseller by singulart 2020

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Large scale artwork

Pictures from 0.3 Sqm to 10 Sqm
The home of great art



High-quality acrylic paintings at very competitive prices

Only genuine originals

All of the paintings in my gallery have been lovingly created and signed by myself, Peter Nottrott.

abstract paintings, contemporary acrylic paintings on canvas, extra large xxxl-paintings, artist Peter Nottrott

abstract art painting, big size
Here I am with my large painting 'Grandiose XXXL1' 197” x 79” acrylic on canvas

New creativity

Fresh from my studio - paintings from autmn 2020

oversized  painting
Oversized artwork
abstract painting
vibrant awesome abstract
abstract artwork
created in October 2020

Abstract artwork in XL

red abstract art

Abstract painting XXL...

yellow abstract painting

Abstract art in XXXL

extra large XXXL-paintings, abstract artwork
extra large XXXL-paintings are a focus of Peter Nottrotts abstract artworks




Title: "Get Free XXXL1"

Size: extra large ... 196.8" width x 78.8" height !

Acrylic painting on canvas






rolled canvas: 13290,- USD

Abstract modern paintings to own. Acrylic on canvas. Many large-format images. All original created and signed by myself.

Abstract, contemporary painting
Abstract, contemporary and colorful painting: Magnificence XL1

I have over 1000 abstract paintings waiting for you to enjoy.
Immerse yourself in my unique world of colors and shapes. I paint from the heart and strive to create works that have great vitality and energy, artwork that captivates and creates a private space, a special ambiance.

My paintings are vivid and full of character, yet affordable

large abstract paintings

Abstract art

Abstract art comes exclusively from the state of consciousness and imagination of the artist..

Abstract painting does not have any real world influences. This makes abstract art uniquely different from other styles such as Impressionism, Expressionism and Cubism. In all the other styles, everyday themes such as landscapes or people are used as a template, as a starting point. Depending on the style, there certainly can be dramatic changes in color and shape, but they always remain interpretations of reality.

Abstract art deliberately avoids completely any association with the real world.

The pioneers of this completely free form were Wassily Kandinsky(1866-1944) and Frantisek Kupka(1871-1957).

I am a passionate advocate of free, abstract painting. My paintings are free from the constraints of perspective, color and form, which force themselves onto other styles of painting.

My abstract paintings are powerful, energetic and alive.

They are like symphonies of color in acrylic on canvas.

affordable paintings

Feel the pleasure, stimulation and inspiration while looking at the abstract paintings in my gallery...

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