Positive Energy-Variations

A really big variety

For this motif I usually use a lot of color tones, with the yellow tones being the ones that have the most impact on the image. The composition of the picture is characterized by a central, seemingly rising bright element that is surrounded by a colorful stream of colors. The color stream is rich in contrast and detail; the brush strokes and spatula movements are short. The background is structured with softer color transitions and longer brush strokes, it often picks up a few tones from the center, but is more pastel in nature. The motif combines balance and harmony as well as liveliness and diversity, so it reflects one of my guiding principles: “I want to paint symphonies of color...always lively, always full of energy and always positive. »


No principle without exceptions: for Positive Nature Energy XXL 1 I only selected a few shades, some variations have a spherical, bright center, others have more resolved shapes. As the name shows, I chose intense red instead of yellow as the main color for the two Positive Red Energy pictures. The paintings are often almost symmetrical in terms of color and shape, with Positive Energy XXL 1, 4 and 6 being symmetrical either only in shape or in color or not at all. The backgrounds are predominantly light, sometimes almost white, while the black background gave Positive Energy Black its name.

There are now "Positive Energy" paintings in all formats, from small S-pictures (100 x 70 cm) to XL paintings (155 x 105 cm, of which there are most of the pictures) to XXXL pictures (240 x 150 cm ); "Positive Energy" also exists in a narrative panoramic format, in an exciting portrait format and even as a huge triptych measuring 450 x 240 cm (a three-part painting, each measuring 240 x 150 cm).

Positive Energy S 3
$1,060.00 $790.00 2
Positive Energy XXXL 5
From $11,490.00 2
Positive Energy XXXL 7
From $10,490.00 2
Positive Energy XXXL 8
From $10,490.00 2

So actually I have painted really many variations of "Positive Energy" and I really enjoy painting them. "Positive Energy"  accompanied me since at least 10 years (status 2024); Apparently the motif is also very popular with many fans and lovers; over 30 “Positive Energy” paintings have already found their walls and are spread across several continents worldwide.