XXXL paintings: up to 10 sq m (!) plus Store


Abstract extreme formats: big color games on approx. 3.5 square meters


Modern art in large dimensions: Peter would like to offer these energetic and colorful XXXL paintings for sale. It's rare to find such large pictures, few artists work with such large canvasses.

Big and bold instead of *shy and retiring*

On large wall surfaces, several small pictures are often hung together to create a series. This can look good, but can sometimes look slightly undersized and indecisive.

There is a famous saying - “anyone who thinks big, should act big”.

If you apply this thought to our wall, with it's many small pictures, you are left with this question: why settle for something small and uninspiring when you can create something powerful and special with a large painting instead? These XXXL works are distinguished by their positive vibrant energy and are excellent for creating a very special atmosphere.

Joyful Symphony XXXL 1
From $10,490.00 2

The XXXL formats are particularly suitable for feature walls.
The impressive effect of these large-scale works can only best be appreciated by seeing them for yourself. We'd love you to come and visit us in our Flensburg studio, where you can talk to the artist and view the paintings before you buy.