My studio in Flensburg

An inspirational place to paint large format abstract art

A community of diverse creativity
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The city studio is part of the Flensburg Artist Community “Holm 35” and offers art lovers and visitors a wide variety of attractions – from shadow theatre through to creative textiles, illustration, handemade jewelry and.... paintings.


It is located in a beautiful old building right in the pedestrian zone of Flensburg city center. When
I enter my large studio, which consists of two rooms and additional storagespace, I find that drinking coffee together with my studio
neighbor, who isa Goldsmith, is an important step on the way to the canvas.

You will find the canvas in my painting area, which is the heart of the studio, so to speak. I have space there for paintings up to a maximum of 10 square meters in size. It's also important that there's always something good to snack on in the studio, for me it
is a vital part of creating a positive studio atmosphere. That's the best way for me to get into thecreative process

Before I choose my colors from the big shelf and pick up the brushes and spatula, I like to play music, mostly meditative and inspiring music.

When I'm in the studio and feel comfortable and balanced, I can focus all my energy and creativity on painting, and when things turn out well, the positive energy is also reflected in the painted picture.

In addition, I can also show selected works to interested parties upon request at this authentic location.

My first studio

I startet 2024 with a studio in the first floor of "Holm 35" - but it was only a short time before I notice: I need a bigger studio place. So I moved in the second floor.

The artist Peter Nottrott with one his large format pieces in his new studio
The artist Peter Nottrott with one his large format pieces in his new studio

Most of all I like to paint abstract art for its energy and vitality, and sometimes I like to paint really large pictures, up to 10 sq m. To really show off these large pieces, I have opened a new gallery in the heart of Flensburg, a beautiful harbor city on the border between Germany and Denmark. The beautiful, bright old building overlooks the bustling main street, and is the perfect place to get inspired and to really appreciate my striking and powerful artwork.

 The visitors corner in the studio of Peter Nottrott
The visitors corner in the studio

Unlike a gallery, the purpose of our studio is not to just show off my pictures as in an exhibition, but to create a stimulating and creative working environment. This is where I create my artwork and it is the perfect place to welcome visitors to experience and talk about my work, and also to further the artistic community of Flensburg.

Of course, it's also the perfect place to come and view my paintings in an authentic setting and you will find many of my works here.

It's not all about creating art, there's plenty of office work to do!
It's not all about creating art, there's plenty of office work to do! E. g. I sit here to answer with pleasure your mail.

Peter Nottrott is painting 'Imaginations XXXL 1',  114.1" x 78.7", acrylic on canvas, 2015