Abstracted landscapes

Mystery Waterfall L 2 / SOLD


Modern expressionist abstracted art. Acrylic painting on canvas


Size of this vital abstracted painting:

 61.0" width x 37.4" height x 1.5" depth

Painted with professional grade acrylic paint on gallery back wrapped stretched canvas and ready to hang. All my paintings are exclusive, original, handmade and signed and dated on the front by myself...Peter Nottrott

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acrylic abstracted painting. Original, signed and painted by Peter Nottrott


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Mystery Waterfall L 2


vibrant original

waterfall abstract painting. Blue, colorful

Modern and expressive acrylic painting.
During some beautiful walks in nature, I love to collect inspiration for pictures like this: feel the wind in my hair, hear flowers, trees and meadows, hear birdsong, experience earth and stones, capture forms of the landscape, hear the splashing of a stream , which watch the play of colors of sun and shadow in the landscape ... and convert it as an abstract waterfall painting into blue, white, turquoise, pink, magenta shades as well as accents in green, orange and yellow.

the artwork and the artist
sideview: ready to hang

Detail views

signature of the artist Peter Nottrott and year of creation: 2017
signature of the artist Peter Nottrott and year of creation: 2017